Warwick Developments install Stuga AutoFlow-2

Warwick Developments take delivery of new Stuga AutoFlow-2 sawing & machining center.

Warwick Developments of Ecclesfield near Sheffield have recently taken delivery of the very latest Stuga AutoFlow-2 sawing & machining center. The machine is designed to be able to produce the totally diverse range of windows and doors that Warwick manufacture for their customer base and can do this easily due to its leading edge technology that incorporates a very highly proven rotary tooling system giving the ultimate in flexibility. The tooling is driven by sophisticated software that remembers every profile, each window piece and each piece of hardware allowing the customer to produce everything needed fully automatically without the operator having to think too much.

The Stuga software is driven by Windows XP and gives detailed and graphic information to the operator. The software is also designed to make alterations to settings and operations easy as well as provide detailed management information regarding output and efficiency. The software also measures profiles for length and controls offcuts meaning that the dreaded pile of partly used profile lying around the factory is almost eliminated.

The back-up from Stuga is another big reason for choosing this British engineering company who actually invest in factory trained technicians based throughout the UK to ensure customers are always in the comfort zone when things go wrong. The Stuga service center in Norfolk is also set up to be able to give top class support in the event of nay machine issue. Each Stuga machine has a number of top quality cameras built in at strategic positions in order for technicians to be able to watch the machine over the internet and actually witness problems first hand. Intermittent faults are picked up by the cameras being set to record what happens and the recording is then played back multiple times by the technicians to work out what is happening. The cameras have microphones so sounds are also analyzed to enhance the fault finding experience. Spare parts come from the UK so need to wait in anticipation for an overnight delivery from the continent.

At Warwick Developments Ltd they pride themselves on quality and service, and then put this together, to produce a distinctive and affordable PVCu product.

They specialise in dealing with the building trade, DIY and Retail sector supplying windows of all shapes and sizes, which are priced to any bespoke measurements. They can also manufacture doors, Patio doors, French doors, Conservatories, Porches, and Bi-Folding doors, using the Eurocell 70mm “Ultimate” System. The company is a well known, established, family run business, and has been manufacturing windows and other PVCu products, and Double Glazed Sealed Units, continuously, for over 25 years.

Warwick Developments and Stuga are pleased to work together in partnership to create a better future for their staff and customers.

For further information on Stuga products and services please call 0845 652 8685 or visit www.stuga.co.uk and for Warwick call 0800 262 089 or visit www.warwicktradewindows.co.uk