Flowline on offer (NOW SOLD)

We have a Stuga Flowline purchased from a company where the machine was fully operational and had been under a service contract meaning we are confident to offer it out to fabricators with a full service at a price of *(Please call us) including programming, delivery, installation and 3 months parts and labour warranty. 

The Flowline can run all required cuts and preps for uPVC fully welded, internally glazed windows with a guide output of around 500 windows per week. Call 01493 742348.

These machines are great value for money and we have many satisfied customers. We are the manufacturer and not a dealer. Stuga machines are built entirely in the UK from parts resourced in the UK. Stuga rebuilds are rebuilt in the factory where they were originally built.

This Flowline can also be fully refurbished and rebuilt as a Flowline or Flowline/ZX3 model with more facilities and an output nearer to 550 to 650 windows per week for *(please call us). The price includes total factory rebuild, programming, delivery, installation, training and 12 months parts and labour warranty. We have sold nearly thirty of these total rebuilds and are told they are better than some similarly priced new machines as well as much quicker. The rebuild quality is so good that the warranty is the same as for a new machine. NOTE! One right to left is available to be refurbished for early 2020. 

All parts are available from Stuga on an ongoing basis as is software support.

For further information please call 01493 742348 and ask for ‘MACHINERY SALES’ or fill the enquiry form on this website.


Machine/Refurb Details

This machine will be deep cleaned and deep serviced to ensure it runs correctly and smoothly. It will not be fully repainted.

Alternatively the machine can be totally refurbished as well as updated to the Flowline/ZX3 spec.


45/90/45 cuts, trickle vents, drainage, espags, spot preps, ‘V’ notches and all door preps including letterboxes.


Please check with us.

Machine Type

Stuga Flowline sawing & machining center

Contact Request

Contact me when similar machines become available.