Our cnc prepping and machining centres are sold direct to the market place with all of the advantages this brings. Stuga engineers are fully trained to service sophisticated equipment like the Flowline, ZX3, ZX4, ZX5 Ecoline, Autocut, AutoFlow, Routermaster and Microline machining centres. Our systems are the leading cnc machines of their type in the UK market. Over 160 fully automatic sawing & machining centres have been installed throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland by the Stuga companies, making us the leading cutting & prepping/sawing and machining centre manufacturer in the uPVC window and door industry in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
One huge advantage in dealing with a British based CNC machine tools manufacturer like Stuga is the fact that we manufacture as many components as possible or resource them within the United Kingdom. This makes spare parts for our UPVC cutting machines and cnc machining centres cheaper and easier to come by, with all items normally being available from stock. Nothing is coming from another country with a different language and time zone.
Each of our cnc machining centres, UPVC cutting and prepping machines are fully backed up with 12 months parts and labour warranty. This includes our factory built refurbs when available. In fact Stuga sawing and prepping machinery has huge benefits and few risks when it comes to the automatic fabrication of UPVC or aluminium windows and doors.