Stuga are committed to trying to continually improve service to their customers and genuinely believe they are one of the only machinery suppliers in their chosen industry that are committed to trying to give a fast, courteous and efficient response to every problem a customer endures and attend to it as quickly as possible. Stuga service is contacted on 01493 742348 and this number contacts either to one of Stuga’s service coordinators or at peak times to a call centre that relays messages immediately by email to the co-ordination centre. The service centre operates from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm (3.00 pm on Fridays) and outside of these hours there is an answer service from which all messages are forwarded to the coordination centre ready for when they start each day. This means that if you have a breakdown on an evening shift at (say) 8.00 pm or an early shift at (say) 6.00 am you can leave a message in the knowledge that it will be attended to as soon as possible the next time our staff start work. All calls and times are logged for future reference.

All Stuga cutting and prepping centres are fitted with full colour movie cameras in strategic positions on-board (all new machines and factory refurbs from January 2007). These cameras work in conjunction with the onboard diagnostic programme to allow our technicians to study problems that may occur either live or later by rewinding the movie back to the time the problem occurred. Whenever the machine is operational the cameras can be recording events for future interrogation. A number of Stuga technicians here in the UK can utilise this service anytime during normal working hours.

Stuga engineers are geographically placed throughout the UK and Wales and are also strategically placed to cover Ireland and Scotland where we have numerous customers. Stuga engineers are properly and fully trained on Stuga products.

Stuga guarantee an engineer within a maximum of twenty four hours Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and the extended Christmas break) whenever a machine is broken down and out of service. The company’s policy is to attempt to arrive first thing the next morning or even the same day where possible, but twenty four hours from identification of breakdown is guaranteed. This policy applies to customers under warranty and service contract customers that do not have overdue accounts.

Such is the importance of back-up at Stuga that our Operations Director is personally responsible for the day to day running and efficiency of the service department.