Q. Is Stuga an English company?

A. Yes it is. The brand has been based in Great Yarmouth since 1986.
In 2009 the Stuga Machinery Group of companies was created.
At Stuga we believe our greatest strength is the very fact that we are a British engineering company, here in this country, designing, building and supporting our products. We speak the language, are in the same time zone, resource every item in this country and are dedicated to our customers in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as the Irish Republic.

Q. Where did the name Stuga come from?

A.It came from Stuart and Gareth, the sons of the innovative designer Thomas Green, founder of Thomas Engineering (the original name of Stuga Machinery).
The name was originally created as a brand name for the machinery built by Thomas Engineering but eventually became the company name as well as the main brand.
Whilst Gareth Green is one of the owners of Stuga Machinery Thomas Green is long retired and enjoying the benefits of The Norfolk Broads where he lives, as well as spending time with his grandchildren.

Q. What is the back-up like?

A.Stuga is a company dedicated to providing a first class product back-up service. As technology advances, the design team is able to incorporate modifications into existing machines and offer these modifications to clients on a competitive basis. This includes changes made necessary by alterations in Health & Safety legislation.
Stuga has seven technicians and one apprentice working full time with a technician. These trained experts in Stuga products are geographically based, are fully employed by Stuga and provide the backbone of our first class service.
Stuga customers under warranty or with a service contract are guaranteed a maximum call-out time of twenty four hours in the event of a breakdown (excluding weekends and public holidays). In reality most total breakdowns are attended the same day or first thing the next day.
The majority of Stuga customers enjoy the many benefits of a service contract including the guaranteed call-out, in depth technical support by phone, email or online camera and online diagnostic support, discount on spare parts and all relevant software upgrades on an on-going basis.
Service contracts are available on all Stuga machines wherever purchased from subject to an engineering report on the machine if Stuga have not seen it recently. The machine is likely to need a full service prior to Stuga taking it over.
With the advent of broadband most machines became viewable online through the software and by on-board cameras.

Q. How good is the software support?

A. Stuga software support is of a very high standard. We have our own dedicated staff that support and develop our in-house software. Upgrades are downloaded remotely, thus providing a high quality service and quick response times to our clients” ever changing needs. The software is designed and engineered in-house by Stuga.

Q. How good is the mechanical service support structure?

A. It is of a very high quality. All of our service engineers are factory trained, have had many years of experience in the industry and are employed directly by Stuga. They are supported at the factory by a dedicated team coordinating the supply and delivery of service parts with our clients” needs.

Q. Why do we need a Stuga machine?

A. All Stuga machines are designed to achieve consistency of product, attention to detail and a sustainable quantity of output. In an area where there is a shortage of skilled labour, and this labour is expensive, Stuga machines deliver the product in line with today”s demanding manufacturing schedules.
Stuga machines save labour, reduce required skills, improve quality and efficiency, reduce waste and improve production flow. Most machines in the range also considerably reduce material wastage. An added benefit is improved operator satisfaction leading to a happier and therefore more efficient workforce.
Stuga machines also considerably improve health and safety by combining the operations of many small and quite dangerous machines into one very safe one.