Stuga completes move to Edison Way

Excellent new facilities for production and service back-up staff

Stuga Premises at Great Yarmouth
In the course of four weeks Stuga people have moved the entire business to larger upgraded premises in Gt Yarmouth. A logistical challenge the move has been completed with the minimum delay possible and much effort by Stuga personnel. Not only has production been moved but stores, service and all elements of customer back-up. This included challenges such as shifting the entire I.T. systems which was managed seamlessly with access to all server facilities kept fully open at all times.
All stock and personnel have fully migrated inside the month allocated and the old premises have been vacated.
With much increased production space creating more efficiency and two overhead cranes Stuga hope to catch up the small amount of time lost with the move over coming months. This is much needed as the order book is the longest it has ever been.