ZX3 Sawing & Machining Center


A versatile and sophisticated cutting & prepping centres developed out of the knowledge learned from manufacturing 76 Flowlines over six years.

Every possible saw cut and prep can be produced on the ZX3. This includes forty five and ninety degree cuts, ‘V’ and ‘Y’ notches, trickle vents, drainage, pressure equalisation, upstand removal, espag preps, dog bolts, tilt and turn preps, door locks and hinges, letterboxes, spot preps and anything else that can be required.

Three hundred and sixty degree rotary tooling system allows for unlimited machining possibilities and an unlimited number of profile systems that can be loaded to one machine and run at the same time. This rotary system is considerably more flexible and much faster than fixed heads partly because the cutters are much closer to the profile and are positioned as the profile is still moving ready to cut as soon as it stops. The rotating movement of the rotary head is extremely fast but also only has to move small distances between operations as the software optimises these movements.

Separate sawing and machining modules working in harmony ensure that delays caused by prepping and cutting waiting for each other are reduced to a minimum or even eliminated.

The ZX3 is capable of producing between six hundred and seven hundred 17 piece internally glazed windows per week. The ZX3 is much like the ZX4 but with less output as it has less working heads and axes.  Notes! We can prove to you why a single saw blade is always faster than two saw blades. Claimed output volumes are guaranteed by Stuga. Ask for an analysis of your production requirements for a detailed and guaranteed output report.

Unlike the ZX4 the ZX3 does not have tool breakage detection or profile recognition but all other functions are the same or similar INCLUDING TRU-LOC GRIPPER AND Y-DRIVE

Standard features

  • Available feeding right to left or left to right
  • Available in ‘U’ or straight line configurations feeding either way
  • Swarf extractor
  • Offcut conveyor
  • Label printer (Barcode ready)
  • Laser measuring throughout
  • Re-usable offcut management system
  • Onboard optimisation
  • Simultaneous prepping on both sides of a profile for trickle vents and doors
  • ‘V’ and ‘Y’ notching on front and back of profiles for increased convenience INCLUDING Y-DRIVE
  • Full buffering system for more efficient balance between cutting and machining centres
  • Full closed loop CNC systems throughout
  • Conversational programming
  • Diagnostic internet link and three cameras for enhanced remote diagnostics
  • Established links to major software suppliers
  • Programmable TRU-LOC gripper to match all British profile systems
  • Barcode scanning of cut bar remakesSee the About Us/News page for more details on ZX machining centres The technical information is in the back of the brochure;