Coronavirus – Latest Update

With the situation surrounding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak continuing to evolve, we wish to advise that we are operating at almost pre-covid service levels with a full team, apart form a few holidays.

The service team is available for telephone support and online diagnostics during normal business hours as previously.

Please note that we are extremely busy at this time so you will be asked to leave a message and we will return all calls in a timely manner. You can email the service team direct by using the email address on the service sticker on your Stuga machine (not published here as it may create spam).

Machinery build, delivery and installation is running well with a few supply issues. Spare parts and consumables are well stocked due to good planning at Stuga stores.

Stuga technicians will only operate in a safe manner and will leave premsies where they do not feel safe. Distancing is essential at all itmes with regards to our field technicians. In general customers are being very safe thankfully.

Each technician has their own PPE including masks and face shields but if you have any special requirements please tell us in advance.

Finally, and most importantly, we again wish you, your business and your families continued safety and good health. If there is anything else that we can do to support you machinery/service wise, please let us know.