P0000202Bearings And Transmission

As the sole manufacturer of the Flowline, ZX3, ZX4, Microline, AutoFlow-2, Ecoline, Autocut and Routermaster we always have the parts in stock by necessity because we need them to actually build the window and door fabrication machines that are current in the range. Parts can be shipped rapidly by overnight service or even same day courier where necessary. Individual service engineers always carry essential components, but not every part. However, where a ‘dial-in’ connection has indicated the likely cause of a problem, the necessary parts can be shipped to the customer ready for the arrival of the engineer anywhere throughout the UK.

Stuga, as a British based CNC machine tool manufacturer always use as many standard components as possible and many parts are available off the shelf at local outlets of RS Components, or similar companies. Almost all bought-in parts are resourced in the United Kingdom; manufactured components are normally made in our own workshops, or sub-contracted under strict quality control standards.

When machines get older and components become obsolete Stuga always finds ‘work-arounds’ to overcome supply problems and these are then offered to customers on an on-going basis. There is never any reason for a Stuga machine to become obsolete, unlike many machines from other countries purchased through dealers.

This spare parts policy applies to all Stuga cutting and prepping machines, as well as our window and door router products.