Microline Sawing & Machining Center

NOTE! The Microline has been replaced by the AutoFlow-2 and is now only available refurbished (subject to availability). The machine remains current and is fully supported.

Space saving at a premium but the Microline cutting & prepping centre also packs a big punch for the small to medium sized window and door fabricator with a potential capacity of 400 internally glazed windows per week. The Microline measures 13.5 meters long by 2.3 meters wide and with a very competitive price is ideal for those who cannot justify the cost or just do not have the space for the bigger cutting & prepping centres

Every possible saw cut and prep can be produced on the Microline. This includes forty five and ninety degree cuts, ‘V’ and ‘Y’ notches, trickle vents, drainage, pressure equalisation, upstand removal, espag preps, dog bolts, tilt and turn preps, door locks and hinges, letterboxes, spot preps and anything else that can be required.

Three hundred and sixty degree rotary tooling system allows for unlimited machining possibilities and an unlimited number of profile systems that can be loaded to one machine and run at the same time.

The Microline uses all of the same technology as utilised in the Stuga ZX4 cutting & prepping centres. The only difference is that the output is lower due to less tooling and no buffer station.

Standard features

  • Available feeding in either direction (subject to donor handing)
  • Swarf extractor
  • Offcut conveyor
  • Label printer (Barcode ready)
  • Laser measuring throughout
  • Re-usable offcut management system
  • Onboard optimisation
  • Profile recognition
  • Simultaneous prepping on both sides of a profile for trickle vents and doors
  • ‘V’ and ‘Y’ notching on front and back of profiles for increased convenience
  • Full closed loop CNC systems throughout
  • Conversational programming
  • Diagnostic internet link and three on board cameras
  • Established links to major software suppliers
  • Programmable gripper to match all British profile systems
  • Barcode scanning of cut bar remakes

See the About Us/News page for more details on Microline cutting & prepping centres

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