Autoflow 2 Sawing & Machining Center

The AutoFlow 2 sawing & machining centre is now at the MK3 version and is built by Stuga in Gt. Yarmouth. With a small footprint of only 15.5 meters by 3.2 meters the AutoFlow can produce in the region of 400 UK style casement windows per week in a normal shift.

In addition to the normal range of sawing and machining operations the AutoFlow 2 ‘VS’ version can also saw at any angle between forty five degrees and ninety degrees as well as produce an angle for ‘VS’ frame to sill cutting. ‘VS’ sills can also be sawn and prepped.

Utilizing leading edge technology the AutoFlow 2 comes with Microsoft Windows (English version) a completely updated on-board software and programming setup, optimization on-the-fly and profile recognition.

The AutoFlow-2 has been designed to replace the Microline which has since been phased out but is still fully supported. The AutoFlow-2 carries out all of the functions the Microline did but the ’VS’ version can produce the extra ‘VS’ functions in addition to all normal window functions.

The AutoFlow-2 is a fully automated sawing & machining centre utilising the latest technology to efficiently produce uPVC window and door frames including all saw cuts, and all preps such as drainage, espags, trickle vents, ‘V’ notches and all door preps.

For further details call 01493 742348.