Stuga sawing & machining

Window Scene purchase Stuga ZX3

Glasgow based Veka fabricator Window Scene has recently purchased a Stuga ZX3 sawing & machining centre. The company is expanding and needs to keep manufacturing costs under control so recognised the sawing and machining areas as being the way to cut costs the quickest. It was also clear that less dependence on operators would enable the company to be more flexible with staffing needs.

Window Scene chose Stuga for several reasons including the fact that it was British engineering, spare parts and service were readily available in the UK and the track record of fifteen other Stuga sawing & machining centres in Scotland. After much research Managing Director Drew Bennett felt that purchasing a machine built in another country and supported by a dealer couldnít possibly match dealing directly with the manufacturer and one with a reputation for first class back-up. Stuga have engineers geographically based throughout the UK as they take speed of response extremely seriously with regards to their machines being at the front end of production and downtime should be minimal.

The Stuga ZX3 is capable of producing between 600 and 700 windows per week without overtime and knowing that Stuga would guarantee the output was a significant factor in the decision process. The way the ZX3 processes the pieces utilising a lateral transfer table that doubles as a buffer station almost eliminating time delays created by sawing and machining timing conflicts, whereas Inline buffers cannot achieve this so efficiently. The extremely fast saw cycle time is so much more efficient than machines with two sawing blades that have to de-clamp, shuffle and re-clamp the profile between cuts.

As with all Stuga sawing & machining centres the ZX3 comes with online diagnostics and on-board cameras for speedy fault finding. Several technicians are capable of interrogating the machines over the internet and all are of course UK based. Stuga machines come with Microsoft Windows operating system (English version) and random offcut loading with instant re-optimisation as standard.