Stuga Rotary tooling system really comes into its own

The rotary tooling system that is standard on all Stuga Flowline cutting and prepping centres and Ecoline stand-alone prepping centres has proved to be invaluable to fabricators and profile companies alike with the demise of some of the well known systems suppliers recently, meaning that these large automatic machines have to be modified to handle changeovers in a hurry.

All cutting and prepping centres other than the Stuga ones have fixed tooling heads and when it comes to profile changes these heads usually have to be altered or sometimes even changed completely to allow for different preps, different hardware and different profile geometry. The Stuga rotary system is totally flexible with the possibility to stop any head at any position within three hundred and sixty degrees around the profile. The whole process is a simple software change followed by a rigorous testing procedure.

Numerous Premier Profiles fabricators have benefited from the ease of changeover and Schuco customers will shortly be benefiting the same way with the first one being Orion Windows in Devon who Stuga are re-programming to Profile 22.

As the market consolidates Stuga expect more rationalisation together with companies swapping systems to get the best deal. The company is uniquely placed to handle this with a team of three software specialists working in the field at all times.

The Flowline and Ecoline centres can quite comfortably handle multiple profile systems, which is extremely difficult to achieve with fixed head machines and a number of fabricators are running two, three or four systems now.

The rotary system Stuga uses is extremely reliable and has been used on various machine tools by many manufacturers worldwide for over one hundred years.