Stuga guarantee what they claim

Stuga Limited manufactures automatic cutting & prepping centres for fabricating uPVC windows and doors. The machines have been built in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk for over twenty years and the company has been operating for over thirty years.

During the years Stuga have been building these machines over two hundred have been sold with the now well known Flowline and its newer derivatives making up over one hundred and twenty of these.

Stuga cutting & prepping centres can be found throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as many in the Irish Republic. The machines are purchased by every size of fabricator manufacturing anything from 150 to 6,000 windows per week, including many well known names within the uPVC industry.

One of the biggest nightmares for fabricators is knowing what each different cutting & prepping centre will really do in terms of output and with machinery salesman making big commissions and dealers needing turnover there is certainly an air of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ about most of the claims made. Many of these output claims are clearly based on tilt and turn windows which the German machines have been originally designed for rather than British type windows with internal glazing and multiple transoms.

To overcome these false claims Stuga undertakes to analyse a potential customers output from any one of their machines and then guarantee the figures in any ensuing purchase contract. If the machine cannot do what has been stated Stuga will take the machine away. In the two years that Stuga have been offering this guarantee no machine has failed to reach the claimed criteria but many competitors have failed with their false claims at the quotation stage when forced to offer the same guarantee. In most cases where a level playing field is analysed the competition either lower their original claims or make numerous excuses why the analysis is not possible.

Stuga also guarantee an engineer within a maximum of twenty four hours in the event of a breakdown, apart from at weekends and Bank Holidays, but also normally arrive first thing the next morning or even the same day. Others claim to have the service but don’t have the resources to offer Stuga’s level of back-up.

Stuga have a range of three cutting & prepping centres starting with the Microline at 400 to 500 windows per week, the ZX3 at 650 to 800 per week and the ZX4 at 900 to 1,000 or more per week.

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