Stuga AutoFlow-2 at Weathersafe

Weathersafe AutoFlow-2 up and running

Selecta Profiles fabricator Weathersafe Windows of Telford are in production with the Stuga AutoFlow-2 sawing & machining centre and it is already revolutionising their factory and production.

Not yet large, Weathersafe are one of a growing band of fabricators who put their business investment before their personal investment and enjoy the benefits this brings. As part of Pemberton Home Improvements Weathersafe set up uPVC window and door fabrication in order to produce products for their home improvement business but soon found they wanted to be in control of the manufacturing process themselves. It is much better when a single mis-measured or damaged window can hold up an entire job that the company can quickly produce a remake.

Weathersafe were quick to realise that as a new entrant into fabrication they were likely to struggle against the more established fabricators on price so quickly decided to invest in a Stuga sawing and machining centre in order to be productive and competitive whilst dramatically reducing reliance on operators.

In a very short period of time the company has been able to quickly and easily produce far more windows than they currently need in less hours, with less operators and at the same time produce a better quality window with more consistency.

A major concern for Weathersafe was what happens if the sawing & machining centre breaks down? Not simply relying on the assurances of Stuga the owners of the company extensively researched the market to find out who really gave the best after sales service and constantly came back to Stuga as having the best back-up. In the unlikely event of a breakdown Stuga are able to monitor the situation through the internet but also have three cameras on-board the AutoFlow-2 placed strategically so that technicians at the Stuga service centre in Norfolk can see what is actually going on.

Stuga manufacture their machines here in the UK and the back-up is also here, fully staffed with quality technicians. Six technicians throughout the United Kingdom provide ground support when the internet fails and this is how Stuga are able to guarantee a maximum of twenty four hours for a call-out with most responses to a total breakdown being the same day or first thing the next morning. Stuga technicians look after nearly three hundred machines throughout the UK and Ireland with over one hundred and fifty of those being fully automatic sawing and machining centres.

Once Weathersafe had checked out Stuga customers and seen the set-up at the company’s headquarters they were totally satisfied they were choosing the right partner to work with on such a significant investment. With a fully stocked stores full of spare parts and a dedicated service hotline it was obvious that Stuga take customer care extremely seriously which is why Stuga customers rarely use another company for service and back-up.

The AutoFlow-2 can produce between 400 and 500 windows per week in a single shift, produces all normal cuts and preps for British window styles and is also available with an option for producing all components of vertical slider systems including the frame to sill angle and the sill mechanical fixing preps to screw the frame to the sill. There is also an option for variable angle saw cuts between 45-90-45 degrees.

The latest Stuga software is Microsoft Windows based, optimises ‘on the fly’ keeping offcuts to a minimum and has a user friendly set of management tools to show what the machine has done, when it has done it and how efficient it has been.

Stuga also supplied Weathersafe with a four head in-line turret welder sporting all the latest technical advances in welding machines.

With current production running at 200 to 250 frames per week Weathersafe are well set to be competitive and in control of their own destiny.