Sawing & machining sale

Polyframe choose Stuga ZX3 to work alongside original ZX4

Polyframe Norwich has recently purchased a Stuga ZX3 sawing & machining center to work alongside their current Stuga ZX4 center.

The ZX4 can produce 800 to 1,000 windows per week and with the extra capacity of 600 to 700 windows per week from the ZX3 Polyframe Norwich are now equipped to cut and prep between 1,400 and 1,700 windows per forty hour week depending on styles and operations. Since acquiring the production facility in Norwich during 2010 Polyframe have already revitalized the production equipment and staff and are now forging ahead with higher volumes.

Both the new ZX3 and the original ZX4 can produce all window and door preps required for producing any style of window and door in the United Kingdom including internally glazed casements, tilt and turns, pivots, bi-folds, inline sliders and French and resi doors. No special tooling is required due to the versatility of the Stuga rotary tooling system and whilst some competitors may claim to be able to offer up to 13 tools on their centers the Stuga system is very much more versatile than these fixed head systems with the equivalent of twenty to thirty heads as standard.

One of the reasons Polyframe chose Stuga as their partner for sawing & machining in Norwich is the fact that Stuga have such good back-up with extremely fast call-out times in case of problems. This coupled with the fact that the company is based in the UK and has in-depth and in-house software capabilities dovetailed well with Polyframe’s ethic.

The ZX3 was installed quickly and easily at the Polyframe factory during December and was in maximum production in less than two weeks. Training was also easy as all Stuga machines now use the same software package and Polyframe had the foresight to have the original ZX4 upgraded to the very latest Stuga software based on the Microsoft Windows operating system meaning that both machines now have identical software and controls.

With the Stuga factory only thirty miles away from Polyframe Norwich the customer is always going to have first class service but with a team of six engineers operating throughout the UK all Stuga customers can expect first class back-up.