New ZX4 installation

Perfect Glazing purchase top of the range Stuga ZX4

Glasgow uPVC fabricator Perfect Glazing has recently taken delivery of a brand new Stuga ZX4-MK2 sawing & machining center. The new machine replaces a German model that apparently suffered from accuracy issues and poor support. With a capacity of around 1,000 windows per week the ZX4 is able to produce twice as many windows as the machine it has replaced and comes with many inbuilt benefits to make operation easier and more straightforward. 

Perfect Glazing is one of the fastest growing fabricators in Scotland and has a strong determination to do even better. The company is family owned with two generations of the family fully involved in the business including mother and father Rose and John, son David and daughter Kerry. This family commitment helps drive the company forward at all levels. On a recent visit to check out the installation John stated his determination to grow enough during the next two years to be able to purchase a second Stuga ZX4. 

Following their disappointment with the previous sawing & machining center Perfect Glazing looked around the market and checked a lot of suppliers as well as asking opinions before choosing Stuga. When pressed for reasons why Stuga was chosen it seemed to come down to a combination of the formidable reputation of both the ZX4 and the Stuga back-up. John found that dealing with a foreign manufacturer through a British dealer meant there were always delays in spares and back-up even though it was claimed this wouldn’t be the case. With Stuga John talks directly to the service center in Norfolk where he gets first class and fast back-up. Apart from their own seven technicians Stuga can also draw on the resources of The Saw Center in Glasgow for fast response where there are two fully trained engineers that are able to deal with most day to day issues that may occur. 

The ZX4-MK2 is the latest version of this popular machine that has sold well in the last year and can easily and accurately produce 800 to 1,000 windows in a normal week. This machine can produce all required saw cuts and preps having the benefit of the Stuga rotary tooling system that creates incredible flexibility for prepping, profile by profile and operation by operation. Preps can be placed anywhere within three hundred and sixty degrees and this is controlled by the software. The graphic interface makes adjustment of the position accurate and simple. The ZX4 measures each length of profile and instantly re-optimizes the batch if random offcuts are added meaning that offcuts are always tightly controlled. Management software also communicates every detail concerning the performance and efficiency of the machine including running and downtime details. The multi-bar lateral buffer station is a significant factor in making the ZX4 so fast because sawing and machining functions are separated to minimize delays between the two sides of the machine, therefore idle time while sawing waits for prepping to complete or vice versa are very infrequent. 

The Perfect ZX4 is number 17 of 18 Stuga sawing & machining centers installed in Scotland with number 19 coming in four months’ time.