Customer changes to Stuga

Why did a fabricator change to Stuga for his latest sawing & machining center purchase?

A uPVC window and door frame fabricator in the north of England recently purchased a sawing & machining center from Stuga for installation in 2015. His current sawing & machining center is still working and he doesn’t really want to spend the money but he has decided he must have top class back-up. After checking around the market place this fabricator concluded that he wanted to buy from Stuga. The main reason wasn’t that the he thought the Stuga could do any more than his current machine but that he wanted to know that when it went wrong he could be sure it would be back up and running again quickly.

Stuga has an internal service center staffed by experienced technicians who can talk through problems, look at internet diagnostics, view and listen to faults with onboard cameras, or simply talk through the likely cause of the fault. If all else fails Stuga can nominate one of seven geographically based technicians to visit the customer very quickly with a view to getting the machine back into production with the minimum of lost production.

The customer that is changing to Stuga currently has no idea whether or not he will get back-up or how long it will take when things go wrong. Spare parts can take days to come from another country and he has to rely on back-up equipment when everything grinds to a halt, for several days sometimes. With Stuga he is dealing directly with the manufacturer and the parts are all available here in the UK at all times. Stuga parts are all sourced in this country and readily available on current models. Even on old machines Stuga can normally obtain parts reasonably quickly and when they become obsolete a work-around is always found which is why Stuga machines do not get scrapped.

From contacting the Stuga call center, to talking to a technician, to receiving a solution Stuga is geared up to giving the customer the best possible experience every time and when it all goes wrong for whatever reason Stuga doesn’t hide but confronts issues head on before throwing every possible resource at putting them right as quickly as possible.

Buying a sawing & machining center is a similar decision to buying a house and the same amount of research should be invested in making the right decision.