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The original Stuga company was established in 1974 under the name of Thomas Engineering and subsequently became Stuga Limited with machine design and manufacture commencing in 1986. Stuga Machinery Ltd was established in 2010 and continues to build machinery utilising the original designs and some of the original design staff. The key design engineer from the original founding company is a major shareholder in Stuga Machinery Ltd. The company is mainly owned by Gareth Green and Steve Haines with Senior Technician Glenn Ford also having a shareholding.

All design and fabrication is undertaken in-house using quality materials and components almost entirely sourced in the United Kingdom. The Stuga machinery uses only software fully developed by its own team of software designers for all on-board applications.

Stuga design philosophy utilises innovation to simplify problems together with the latest technology where it is beneficial. This philosophy includes making potentially complex machinery intuitively easy to use, thereby reducing operator skill requirements and subsequent potential for error.

The Company is dedicated to working in partnership with customers in order to achieve its aim of one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

As a manufacturer selling direct to the market, Stuga eliminates the dealer problems associated with hi-tech machinery as customers deal directly with the design and build teams. The Company is totally committed to service and uses a geographically based service team on a fast response basis. Having no other manufacturers products to service ensures the Stuga technicians are highly trained and fully focused with regard to the Company’s products

Stuga Always support their machines

Stuga’s policy is to always support their machines in the market place with spare parts service and refurbishment. As Stuga are a UK based manufacturer the machines will never have to become obsolete and can be reburbised for as long as what they do is relevant to the market. Here at Stuga we will support your Stuga machine however you came by it whether from us, a dealer, an auction or another fabricator. Just call 01493 742348 and ask for service. NOTE! Technical support, including phone support for Stuga machines not purchased from us is chargeable.


Stuga Machinery Group

Stuga Machinery Group consists of Stuga Machinery LLP and Stuga Machinery Limited

Stuga Machinery LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership Registered in England – Registration Number OC344221
Registered Office: Brinell Way, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR31 0LU

Stuga Machinery Limited is a Limited Company Registered in England-Registration Number 992731094
Registered Office: Brinell Way, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR31 0LU