Used Machines

All Stuga machines are fully refurbished in our factory in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. We don’t just say they are refurbished we actually take longer to build a refurb than to build a new machine as we have to take it apart first.

Stuga machines are built entirely in the UK from parts resourced in this country. Most alternatives are offered by dealers who cannot offer this level of rebuild and refurbishment. Stuga is an entirely British engineering company.

All Stuga refurbs have the latest software and control systems fitted to ensure the longest possible life span before upgrades are required.

There is never any reason for a Stuga machine to be scrapped or beyond economic repair as we constantly upgrade and improve all aspects of our machines and their control systems.

Stuga refurbs come with 12 months parts and labour warranty. That is how confident we are in the quality of the refurbishment.