Service and Spares

The Stuga service center is based at the company’s headquarters in Gt. Yarmouth where trained and experienced technicians are working together with software engineers to ensure all Stuga customers can enjoy a first class back-up experience.

Stuga believe that service is the most important factor when choosing sawing and machining equipment. No matter where it is built or what it costs this complicated equipment is only as good as the back-up team behind it.

Stuga use a call center to ensure all calls are accurately recorded and the backroom team are updated from the call center minute by minute in order that they can triage multiple customer needs quickly and efficiently to the benefit of all.

Internet and camera diagnostics are a feature of Stuga back-up and these tools are used frequently to ensure fast response in resolving issues whereby there is no need for a technician to call. If the problem escalates to a level where a technician is needed to visit site a team of eight geographically based technicians can be utilized to get the earliest possible response. These technicians are all employed by Stuga and specialize in the company’s products. In addition the high number of customers using Stuga machines in Scotland also enjoy the benefit of three trained engineers at The Saw Centre in Glasgow, who are readily available to cover the whole of Scotland quickly and easily.

As a manufacturer Stuga holds a wide range of parts in stock at all times and whilst there might be a small delay for machines that are fifteen or twenty years old parts for all current model are normally ex-stock.

Stuga are here in the British market for the British market with British resourced products and parts, English versions of software, working with UK bank holidays and in the UK time zone. We are also proud to say that we have many customers in the Irish Republic that enjoy the same top class service.


Teamviewer is a program that you can download and run on your Stuga machine to allow our Engineers to remotely diagnose problems on your PC via the internet. Please contact if you would like to use this facility.