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Ecoline Prepping Center

One of our most sought after machines in the second hand market the Ecoline has come back into fashion for fabricators who don’t want full sawing & machining. Currently not available as a new product this machine usually gets snapped up quite quickly when the chance occurs. Stuga totally refurbish Ecolines to the latest specification when they acquire them and then offer the rebuilt machine with a full warranty. Note! Each Ecoline that comes through Stuga from April 2017 onwards is being updated to a Beckhoff control system with Microsoft Windows front end software.

The Ecoline is a flexible and programmable Prepping Centre designed primarily to work with the Stuga Saw Centre but easy to use with Double Mitre Saws as well. The machine can produce drainage/pressure equalisation, espag/shootbolt preps, trickle vents and all door preps, plus ‘V’ notches.

The Ecoline is designed to produce in the region of 400 ‘reverse butt’ windows per week with little skill and only one operator. The machine is normally barcode-driven and is fully automatic; it can also work together with the Stuga Saw Centre. The Ecoline is only 7.25 metres in length.