Routermaster 3 axes CNC Router

NOTE! These machines are currently not available due to the need for a major redesign of the control and operating system. The design work is not expected to be carried out until 2021 but we will update here if this changes. Sorry to disappoint as this machine is still very popular.

The Stuga Computer Controlled Router represents a technically advanced system of Router Machining for preparation of aluminium and PVC-u extrusions. The cutting heads can be programmed to move throughout three dimensions to cut or drill any arrangement of slots or holes.

  • Fully automatic machining cycle
  • Can be used by unskilled operators
  • High volume production with consistent accuracy
  • Instant change-over of routing routines
  • Uses standard 8 mm cutters

Control System 
Using the latest PC compatible computer system, the machine runs a stored program of movement commands. The programs are securely stored on hard disk drive inside the machine. An editor facility allows the programs to be created, edited and stored. Now with Microsoft Windows front end.

The Stuga RouterMaster can be supplied with three different length cutting capacities and two different height cutting capacities.

Carriage & Cutter Head 
The carriage unit features a multi-spindle overarm headstock of three ninety degree opposed cutter spindles. Using standard 8 mm cutters, machining can be carried out on any of the three faces along the entire length of an extruded section.

Material Clamping 
Secure clamping is provided by a number of clamp block assemblies. The upward stroke of the clamps will ensure an accurate datum to the top profile blocks. The clamping assemblies are pneumatic powered and actuated by a foot valve.